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Professional rights management with heart and soul

Since 2007, BENDITentertainment has distinguished itself through outstanding management of our publishing activities. We offer strategic consulting that takes into account all aspects of the (music) publishing and media business – always in step with the industry and always with our artists’ goals in mind.

Publishing as a Service (PaaS)

Our core business, Publishing as a Service (PaaS), provides the perfect framework for the effective handling of copyrights, master rights and other associated copyrights. We score with distinctive economic understanding and many years of experience.

Collection Deals/Sub Publishing

In the field of collection and sub-publishing, we ensure that your music is not only optimally placed, but also correctly claimed and accounted for. We always keep track of all regarding statements, copyright registration and usage of your works.

Editions Service

Our Editions service sets the course for long-term success. Whether author’s or producer’s edition: benefit from regular plus incremental income, while we take care of publishing duties.

Music Supervising/Song Placement

With our expertise in music supervising and song placement, we succeed in harmoniously merging music and visual content. We take care of rights clearance, registration of audiovisual productions and much more.

“It all starts with the music! Feel free to send us your streaming link to, thanks! Please keep in mind, that unreleased tracks have the greatest potential for becoming subject to profitable usage.”

Flo Blokesch – Head of A&R