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We are active members of the following organizations

GEMA – The Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights (GEMA) is the German copyright society that represents the rights of composers, lyricists and music publishers. It collects royalties for the use of their works and distributes them to its members.

SUISA - Logo

SUISA – SUISA is the collecting society for music in Switzerland. It ensures the licensing, administration and distribution of copyrights in musical works. Its function is to remunerate musicians and composers appropriately for the use of their music by third parties.

GVL – The Society for the Exploitation of Performance Rights (GVL) represents the rights of artists, producers and event organizers in Germany. It collects royalties from the use of copyrighted works and distributes them to its members.

IMUC - Logo

IMUC e.V. – Interessenverband Musikmanager & Consultants (IMUC) is a professional community of music managers and consultants in Germany. The association offers its members a platform for exchange, promotes professional standards, advocates for the interests of the music industry and is part of the international umbrella organization IMMF.

MMF Suisse - Logo

Music Managers Forum Schweiz – The forum supports and networks music managers in Switzerland. Its goal is professional development, knowledge exchange and the representation of interests with thier stakeholders. Through events, dialogue with other industry players, political engagement as well as being a member of the IMMF, the MMF strengthens the Swiss music industry.

IAB Switzerland – The Interactive Advertising Bureau Switzerland is the central network for digital marketing and interactive media in Switzerland. It promotes the development and professionalization of the industry, sets standards and guidelines, and offers training and events.

Berlin Music Commission - Logo

Berlin Music Commission – The Berlin Music Commission acts as a central network for the music industry in Berlin. It promotes cooperation between artists and stakeholders, e.g. related institutions, and provides information and consulting resources while advocating for the interests of the music industry at the political level.

Preis für Popkultur – This Berlin based association presents the annual “Pop Culture Award” to outstanding achievements in German pop culture. The aim is to promote creative artists and celebrate the diversity of the German music and cultural scene.

VG Bild und Kunst - Logo

VG Bild-Kunst – Collection Society Bildkunst (German for “image art”) represents the rights of visual artists, photographers and filmmakers in Germany. It collects royalties from the use of their works and distributes them to its members.