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100th Anniversary of SUISA

Can you believe it? SUISA is 100 years old this year! Like a Swiss watch that doesn’t stop ticking or a cheese that gets better with age, SUISA has defied time and stands for reliability and timelessness in the music world.

For those who don’t know this tune yet or have been living under a rather large, soundproof rock, let me enlighten them: SUISA, the Cooperative Society of Authors and Publishers of Music in Switzerland, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. She’s a real looker, isn’t she? Since 1923, SUISA has been the backbone of the Swiss music industry.

And like a good bottle of wine (it is Switzerland, after all), it has aged incredibly well. Whether classical, pop or heavy metal lovers, SUISA quietly takes care of the legal issues and ensures that their favorite musicians are fairly compensated.